12 Things Guys Want Girls to Know

1 Be yourself

Guys really appreciate a girl when she is just being herself and not pretending to be very understanding in the first few weeks of the relationship and then just loses her temper after a few months of the relationship for every small argument up to the point that the guy does not recognize his girlfriend. Guys also like a girl to be feminine and not act bossy. They like it when their girl like girly things like getting dressed, makeup, perfume and so on but along with an awesome attitude.

2 Respect

Mutual Respect is the most vital aspect of a relationship. Respecting your guy about his life goals and aspirations in life is what makes a man feel more loved. He will feel like he has a constant support from the girl he loves and this can really give him a boost to achieve what he has endeavored for. Respecting his decisions and desires will also urge him to naturally feel the need to respect and adapt to your own aims in life and this will make your relationship as beautiful as you never imagined.

3 Understanding and no overthinking

A girl who overthinks about everything in a relationship makes it harder for a guy to understand his partner. A guy simply wants to be trusted by his girlfriend. If he had a real bad day at work, he might not feel the need to tell you about it all over again unless you ask him about how his day went on. But let him relax and breathe just do not overload him with many questions as soon as he gets home. If he does not feel like talking it really does not mean that he loves you less, he might have been thinking about you all day along with all the stress at work but he just does not express himself. So girls stop overthinking.

4 Loyalty and truth

Being true to your boy, telling what you really want in a relationship can only bring more understanding in a relationship because boys do not understand unspoken words or cannot read mind. Loyalty is something needed by both partners in a relationship. Being true to your partner and not getting involved with other guys will only save you from unnecessary interference in the relationship. When a boy is in love, he can love more than his partner would. He can do anything to be with her all the time and there is nothing more vicious than having her girl cheating on him. This can change a boy’s state of mind, become less confident, become a playboy and he can experience difficulties to trust someone again. But at the end, it depends on how someone deals with a distressful situation. Whether he/she changes for good or bad it depends individually.

5 Praise and Approval

Boys love being praised because this is the way they feel loved and cared for. Praising them for any particular new look, new physical features or any new nice shirt which suits them great is always appreciative. A guy will always welcome praises and acknowledging his efforts he does for you will make him feel worthy and important in the relationship. Praises like “I believe that you have the potential and ability to achieve your dreams” can really make him feel motivated and make him feel less stressed and confident about himself. This will gradually increase the love and respect between both partners.

6 To be emotionally connected

Being emotionally connected to your partner is what brings you both closer. Girls like to connect to their guy emotionally through verbal communication before getting involved in sexual intimacy. However, guys connect better through sex. Boys will not bother to get involved in a real discussion unless the connection is already there through sex. They will also not indulge into serious conversations unless it is about the relationship, sex or future plans. So to avoid any disruption into the relationship it is better to understand each other in terms of how guys want to connect through sex and girls want to connect through spoken words and find solutions to that.

7 Guys love their mom

Marrying and getting settled with your love is the most awaited moments in life, but this will not stop a guy from seeing his family especially his mother who is the apple of his eye. Girls usually do not like it when their husband still give attention to their mother because a girl feels as being the most important being in his life. A boy should be given the freedom to still love his mother and if a guy still loves his mother it does not mean he loves his girlfriend or wife less. So to avoid any disturbance in the relationship give him his right to love his family too.

8 Space

Girls always want to spend more time with their partner while guys always want more free space to do their personal activities. Everyone needs space in a relationship and the act of giving space to your guy will make him feel better to be in a relationship with you rather than just wanting to flee away and this can result in a break-up. Men need time for their family, friends and simply just relaxing after a hard day at work. When girls constantly need their attention, it is a real turn off for guys and he will feel like being under pressure like you don’t trust him because you always want to keep track of his whereabouts and activities. This will simply not make your relationship last. So girls, let him breathe, give him his free space and the assurance that you trust him.

9 Adaptation

When a boy truly loves his girl, he will try to adapt to each of her characteristics whether good or bad. He will also try to overlook her bad characteristics or behavior just to be with her. So girls should not take advantage of these situations. Boys do many efforts to understand their girl, but a girl who throws unnecessary tantrums, behave rudely all the time or simply take their boyfriend for granted will never make a relationship last. Both partners should be treated with respect. Adaptation to a girl’s attitude and behavior is totally different from tolerating her misbehaviors.

10 Security

When a boy feels secured in the relationship about the fact that you will not leave him for any petty and unimportant reasons, this will make him be able to open up to you. He will feel confident about the relationship. He will also feel secured if you constantly support him with his decisions about his professional and private life. Boys will also feel secured if they can have their personal time with friends like a party only among boys to enjoy and have a blast with friends only without having to worry about their girlfriends. Sometimes a guy want to feel reassured that his girl is not angry or insecure if he is spending some time with friends, he just does not want stress of any kind.

11 Comparing him to other people

Love is not about looks, money, status or intelligence. Loving someone is accepting him or her the way he/she is. When a girl constantly nags about why his boyfriend is different from other guys, can really hurt him. True love will simply not make you feel like comparing him to other guys. Comparing is similar to be looking for a reason to be with that person and this will only make a guy want to distance himself from his girlfriend and eventually break-up. Boys really despise being compared to other guys or their girlfriends ex, this makes their blood boil and they feel underestimated. So girls if you love him there will not be any reason for comparison. So treat this as a sign to know if you truly love him.

12 Guys do cry

A boy can equally feel as much emotion as a girl. He can also cry for something that really hurts him. Boys expect emotional support and understanding from their girlfriend. When a boy cries and his girl just treats him as being weak or frustrated is the most horrifying thing you can do to someone. Emotional support has always help to build a relationship and a girl who does not understand and support her partner will be treated as a selfish person. Everyone wants to shun off a selfish and arrogant partner.

It is obvious that boys love being pampered, loved and cared for. Understanding a boy in a relationship is also very vital for the health and well-going of the relationship, it is not always about girls wants and needs in a relationship. Boys’ feelings and emotions counts a lot. Adapting to each other’s changing needs is focusing on your partner’s strength so as to work as team through every difficult situation.

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